Status Update 2.0

December 7, 2009

Back Injury = Facet joint/ligamental

Xray Result = Revealed a healed compression fracture of T11 vertebrae, now crushed down at the front (loss of anterior hight).

Current Plan = Introduce impact with controlled jumps, continue to stretch, strength train, GPP, climb.


Status Update.

October 21, 2009

StatusInjured Lower Back

Current ActionAwaiting x ray, physio, mobility, core work, prayer.

Current TrainingStrength, bouldering, running, very light movement.

Mood:  Optimistic

2000 Back Somersaults

September 23, 2009

The 20th of September saw myself, Owen Covill, Karl Cockerton, Phil Doyle, and Danny Ilabaca taking to Cambridge streets with some New Foundations’ banners, some judo mats, a bucket, and lots of friends and family for support.
The original target was met and it was agreed that the final goal would be 2000 back somersaults between us all, meaning a total of 400 back somis each, all completed within the 4 hour time target that was set.
Massive shouts to Owen for organising, for the others for doing it, and for everyone who was there who took pictures, counted, supported and of course donated.

Total money collected is around £1200, with more than £600 pounds taken in on the day itself from the general public!

Photos courtesy of Scott Bass.

Thus far…

September 23, 2009